Christian be careful not to allow critics to make you sin. #jupas #love #orientation #大家加 油

Believers must be careful not to allow their critics persuade them to sin against God. We sometimes run into a few individuals who care less about God, and who are consumed with worldly characters. Those people may joke and make slurs against God; they would be quick to question bible beliefs and trivialize God’s principles. Believers must keep a distance with those folks! Our associations must cherish and honor things of God. We must not be part of any associations that disrespect God in any fashion or form. Jehovah will honor believers who make him proud in all ramifications, but he will keep a distance from any arrogant person who lightly esteem his principles…READ FULL DEVOTION >>

#God loves #selfless #people He will #bless them
#People are #accountable to #God He #exercises #righteous #judgment on all
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James Taiwo
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