Bible Application Lessons & Prayers


  • 365 Days Bible Application Lessons
  • Practical Prayers For Daily Living
  • In-depth Analysis of Old and New Testaments
  • Bible Commentary Teaching About God’s benefits


Get Deeper With The Bible Commentary


Bible Application Lessons & Prayers is such a book that does not only guide, but also inspires you to understanding Christianity and whom God wants you to be.
A thorough and inspiring Bible Commentary, the book is structured in an easy way to comprehend. It guides you into understanding Scriptures chapter by chapter. It further guides you about situations of your life using bible tone and references.
Make 365 Divine Inspiration For Daily Living your daily companion, and indeed, you will see the difference in your life.

Lesson by the – Bible commentary – Bible Application Lessons & Prayers look at both the New and the Old Testament, with each day guided by a different scripture. The Bible verses are arranged to focus on a particular message. A continued follow-up in the lesson gives you – as a reader – deeper insight of the teaching to capture God’s divine inspiration to benefit your daily living.

“Insightful and easy to apply bible devotions for every day of the year! I found this to be a wonderful additional to my kindle library and have already reaped the benefits from the first 2 days of the year. I intend to start this year off right and this book is going to be my perfect companion for the next 363 days! I skimmed through quite a few devotions and can assure you that this book is worth adding to your collection. 2016, here I come!”Sarah Frank



“I have always love to put my hands on a good bible study material like this. I try to start my every day journey from the bible. I found this book to be very helpful for me to achieve that because it alternate bible reading from Old Testament and New Testament every other day. Therefore, I am able to have better understanding on how the two testaments relate to each other. Good job to this author! I can recommend this book because it is loaded with a lot of information that is necessary for spiritual growth. ”Albert Harison