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Bible Application Lessons & Prayers

Book of Prayer: A Selection of Prayers for Today

  • Over 200 personalized prayers
  • Prayers by category
  • Prayer with Bible references
  • Convert spiritual blessing to physical onesMove God’s hands with relative prayers

Christian Principle Guides: A-Z Insight

  • A-Z Bible Principle Guides
  • Discover God’s Benefits for Your Life
  • Learn to be Consistent with God
  • Know How Best to Answer Critics

Bible Application Lessons & Prayers

  • 365 Days Bible Application Lessons
  • Practical Prayers For Daily
  • LivingIn-depth
  • Analysis of Old and New Testaments Understand God’s benefits

One Year Bible Reading Plan

  • One Year Bible Reading Plan (eBook)
  • 365 daily passages and devotional highlights
  • Get insightful wisdom to receive God’s blessing
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