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James Taiwo



I derive inspirations from the Bible to teach and write to educate people. Why the Bible? I believe Bible consists of the pool of wisdom that anyone needs to be successful on earth. Bible also furnishes a thorough pathway for anyone interested to meet the standard of God and befit heaven.

Research can lead to an innovation. An innovation also can lead to success… I educate people based on those facts. I’m an engineer by profession. Charity is my passion. I blog, I write books, I preach gospel, and I play saxophone. And seriously, I’m a saxophone enthusiast!


Each life has a template that is carefully crafted by the Creator. Everyone must measure up to God’s blueprint for his or her life. Hence, James Taiwo heeds the call to give adept teachings on prudence and discipline to motivate someone to fulfill his or her destiny. Join the train.


The pen is powerful at adding an intrinsic imprint value that never goes obsolete. The emergence of thoughts inspired by the aura of God’s power will pass the test of time to live amiable legacy for the generations unborn. James Taiwo’s books provided wisdom that crack the secret code of success.


The merriment of heart should not be constricted into a personal gratification only. In every ideal situation, a merry heart ought to be tightly locked into praising God that created the exhilarating phenomenon. Music saves the day!

What Others Think About My Books

I’ve been following James Taiwo titles for a long time and now I have become a fan. All his books are just great, and presently I am studying the Book of Prayers. This is an amazing book to start your day with. The contents inside are superb and the different category lets you find what you are looking for. There are over 200 personalized prayers and these are beautifully categorized. The prayers have Bible references as well. I have been really benefited by this book and I would suggest to everyone around me to have this book and explore the wisdom included.



Bible Application Lessons & Prayers
Book of Prayer: A Selection of Prayers for Today
  • Over 200 personalized prayers
  • Prayers by category
  • Prayer with Bible references
  • Convert spiritual blessing to physical onesMove God’s hands with relative prayers
Christian Principle Guides: A-Z Insight
  • A-Z Bible Principle Guides
  • Discover God’s Benefits for Your Life
  • Learn to be Consistent with God
  • Know How Best to Answer Critics
Bible Application Lessons & Prayers
  • 365 Days Bible Application Lessons
  • Practical Prayers For Daily
  • LivingIn-depth
  • Analysis of Old and New Testaments Understand God’s benefits


Salvation is meant for Christians & non-Christians. Anyone who believes Jesus will be saved to enjoy earthly & heavenly benefits.

God’s children must care for others. People who care for their neighbors will receive God’s reward on earth and in heaven.



People who love God must also be diligent in their earthly businesses. Children of God must be diligent in their works to receive God’s blessings. Of course, Christians must prioritize the desire to faithfully serve God and remain heavenly bound; however, Christians still have an obligation to be hard working people on earth. Children of God must diligently handle their earthly businesses and be prosperous…

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James Taiwo

Make the Year 2018 your year of progress! Why do people fail to achieve their New Year resolutions? People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!” Luke 14:28 - “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won't you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? Get a pen and a notepad Spiritual…

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true talk

True Talk:*** [tweet_box design="default" float="none" inject=“#care #reward”] A good Christian must process his or her mind to make a wise decision. The decision must honor God & benefit others. #Process your #thought [/tweet_box] [tweet_dis] God’s #child must make #wise #decision #care 2 #benefit #God & #neighbors.[/tweet_dis] ***Read more quote here => ***Read recent blog posts here =>

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