James TaiwoJames Taiwo based in New York is the president of World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, Inc. and the publisher of Trumpet Media.

He obtained a Doctor of Theology Degree from Lighthouse Seminary, Beebe Arkansas, and a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from Polytechnic University, New York.

James Taiwo practice Civil and Environmental Engineering, and preaches gospel. He also plays musical instruments. He is the author of Bible Application Lessons & Prayers. Also author of Christian Principle Guides and Book of Prayers.

James has always had a knack for writing and has written over a thousand free articles online, and still counting. His writing has inspired many to take the road of spirituality to attain overall well being.

As a preacher and an engineer, James continues to implements various means of diversifying gospel to adapt to the fast changing technology of our days.

Among other instruments, Dr. Taiwo specializes in playing soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones. His first single jazz – Blessed Assurance was featured in 2013 music album titled Wherever You Go.

Books Online
Bible Application Lessons and Prayers & Book of Prayer & Christian Principle Guides

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