Christian Short Quotes – Episode-1

Christians must possess traits that reflect teachings of Jesus Christ-Matthew 5:1-26. Must be righteous, meek, & enduring.

Marriage is no child’s play, Christian must honor their marriages. Jesus encouraged forgiveness in marriage. Divorce doesn’t solve marriage problems, forgiveness does.

God is able to take care of his children. He will come during trouble to rescue, and he will glorify himself. Hebrews 13:8.

A person who aims at seeing God on the last day must have teachable spirit and be ready to yield to godly corrections.

If we Christians are saved by grace, then we should extend the same grace to others by forgiving their offenses.

God is the best “businessperson” anyone can ever imagine. He is skill at investing where it will yield much results. Mat 20:16.

God will fulfill his plans on his children in spite any odds that may come their ways. All he asks is TRUST. Genesis 41:39-41.

Treasures of God’s kingdom will not be awarded to people with nonchalant attitude who care less about his instructions.Matthew 22:1-9.

Treasures of God’s kingdom will not be awarded to people with nonchalant attitude who care less about his instructions.Matthew 22:1-9.

God will honor his promises on his children no matter what storm beat against them. He will make light shine at the end of their tunnel.Genesis 45.

Christians must know how to draw a line between human traditions and God’s laws. Human traditions are subject to God’s laws. Matthew 21.

A true child of God must be able to say “I am not doing this or that because I dont want to sin against God!” Just like Joseph did. Genesis 39:8.

A person who has not prioritize serving God with full commitment should amend his/her practice to earn more benefits from the Creator. Are you fully committed to God?

Evil sign of Antichrist 666 would be imposed, but not everyone will take it. Those who reject it will praise God at the end.

The secret to life achievements is reserved in the Bible; anyone who aspires success must study his/her bible.

God is willing to work with any backslidden Christian who repents and return to him. He will justify them on the last day.

Long-awaited Judgment Day of God will soon come: Saints will be sent to heaven, unrepentant sinners would be sent to hell.

Last book of last chapter of bible explains the lasting rewards for followers of Jesus Christ. They will have rivers of life and fruits of life.


Last chapter of Revelation explains the lasting rewards for Christ’s followers. They will have water & fruits of life.

God shared his dominion with Adam & Eve they lost it. Then, Jesus regain the same dominance power for his believers. Whoever believes will rule.

Christians must know how to properly handle negative situations, so as not to allow devil to glorify himself. (Genesis 4:3-8)

God destroyed 1st generation with flood & promised to destroy this one with fire. All must repent & confess Jesus as Lord to be saved.

Humans cannot change God’s plans, but we have a choice to either accept or reject them. Meanwhile, God’s plans have no regret – they are only meant for good.

Satan tempts God’s children during weak moments. To overcome, they must evaluate circumstances; refuse to be irrational but pray.

Don’t intend to save the world in one day, save the world one day at a time. Preach gospel to someone today. Do it again tomorrow. Let God finish the rest.

Second coming of Jesus is imminent; everyone must prepare. Rapture will happen; saints will go heaven. (2Peter3-9).

Christians are to relate with God in honesty. We are to be open, truthful, & confess our sins. John 1:5-10.

Daily worship to God must not be a difficult exercise. We must keep constant relationship with Him for our benefits

Heavenly bound people should be focus and be committed to God; they will have much benefits on earth and in heaven.

God is tough with sin; he wont be kind to a sinner. He is gracious and forgiving towards anyone who seeks forgiveness.

God cares for his people; he will forgive and recover losses. Distress will pass. They will still praise his name.

Those who follow Jesus on earth will live to enjoy benefits of heaven. Those who reject Jesus will spend eternity in hell

Birth of Jesus was unique. A virgin had miracle child who died on d cross for everyone, but to save those who confess him.

Michael defeated Satan in heaven with Blood of Jesus Christ (Rev. 12:7-11); believers should do the same on earth also.

People who serve God will not regret, but they’ll be honored for their pious efforts. They will prevail & praise God.

Since God is God & will remain God. Opposition will fall for his children. God will be praised for his children -always!

Jesus will return to earth to rapture believers to heaven. Only those who have confessed Christ will go to heaven.

Everyone must honor his or her faith confession in Jesus Christ and serve him well. God will bless devoted Christians.

Every Christian should have self-examination if deserves heaven. Jesus will only rapture serious Christians to heaven.

God watches over his own children, and he recognizes their voices among multitude. He will help them in time of need.

Everyone is expected to use grace opportunity to change from evil; improve relationship with God, and serve him well.

Anyone who aims at obtaining mercy should humbly confess & repent from sins. Confession & repentance prove dignity.

No regret in serving God, but much rewards in serving God. People who serve God on earth will be rewarded in heaven.

Tribulations will shake the earth, but believers will be shielded from it since Jesus Christ would have rapture them.

God delights in praises of his people; he will forever bless those who make singing praises their constant practice.

Jesus spent much time in prayer while on earth to have record success. Christians should follow same example to have full joy.

Believers may have to make some uncomfortable decisions to please God, but their rewards will be great in heaven. Mark 9:43.

Christians must be humble. They can’t be obsessed & prideful. God have replacement for the proud, but he loves the humble.

God’s laws are simple to obey. Thanks to Jesus who made Ten Commandments simple by saying LOVE GOD AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBORS

Jesus endured most difficult moment of his life to save humanity. Humans deserve punishment, not Christ. Give him your life to appreciate his work.

God will automatically bless those who serve him even when they’ve not asked for one. Those who follow his commands will prosper. (Exodus 21,22)

God loves cheerful givers. He will bless those who offer him their gifts from liberal minds. Misers should expect to get little or nothing from God. (Exodus 25:2)

Christians must respect each other and live in love. Everyone must make effort to promote unity in Christ.

Children of God must avoid passing destructive criticism on others, because it is sinful. Words must be seasoned with grace.

Dry bones can rise again. They shall rise again for those who reserve trust in God! Do you believe?

No one should take God for granted and predict what his action would be – the action may backfire, and the end game may be horrific!

People who practice Christianity with hope of going to heaven are smart, because they will meet God in heaven!

Dry bones shall rise again for those who trust God! God’s children shall rise above their challenges. They shall have voctory.

Christians must grow in faith, and produce fruits for Jesus. No Christian should remain in one position (1 Peter 2:1-2)

A person who compares him or herself with God is not wise. It backfired on Satan!

Any nation that suppresses God’s supreme law in favor of un-godlines shall surfer.

Christ will save whoever comes to him whether a Christian, a Jew/Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist/others –Romans 10:9-10

Jesus endured the most difficult moment of his life to save humanity. You and I deserve the punishment that he suffered for. What should you give back to him in return? Your life!

Gospel ministers are to follow bible & follow prompt lead of the Holy Spirit.

Heaven is a place of glory made for humans. Only few with Jesus will enjoy the beauty of heaven. (Ezekiel 40,41).

Christian Short Quotes – Episode-2
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