Christian Short Quotes – Episode-2

God will turn darkness to light for his children. No challenge can stop his light from shining. He will help as promised.Genesis 41&47.

Trial will transform to stepping stone for God’s children. They will eventually cooperate with God’s purpose for our advantage. Genesis 49,50.

God has various mode of operations and cannot be predicted. Irrespective of what mode he uses, his prime goal will be to favor his children.Exodus 4,5,6

Anyone who runs shoulder-to-shoulder with God is making huge mistake. He won’t share his glory with anyone.Exodus 8:18-19

Anyone who uses Jesus name in prayer will have testimony. Since God has endowed him all authority. Philippians 2:9-11.

God will reward any service a person honorably render to him. He sees hidden things and knows the intention of anyone’s heart. He will reward good services. Matthew 26:6-13

Jehovah can perform any miracle for the sake of helping his people. He may send rain to desert or send sun to the arctic. Everyone should serve God. Exodus 14

Prayer is very efficient. God will listen to those who call on him for help out of pure mind. His response may sometimes be “Yes, No, or Later

Hypocrite only see mistakes of others, but God delights in people who focus on their personal improvements. Matthew 7:1-5

Same Jesus who performed miracles 2,000 years ago is still alive and active to help those who believe today. Matthew 8:16.

Jesus has all power needed to speak into all situations – whether visible or invisible. Whatever he says is final!Matthew 8:23-27

Victory belong to a Christian who shows unwavering faith. God will not ignore anyone who cries to him for help. Matthew 9:21

God who helped people in bible is still same today. He will help like he did for Job, Daniel, Joseph, Hannah & others. Job 14:7-9

Christians must be sensitive to counsel people a way that will glorify God. Our focus must be to let people feel warmness of Christ’s love and adequately respond.

No affliction should make Christians turn from God. He can turn bad situation to good. Believers will praise God at last.

Christians are to wisely use their God-given grace to benefit others. Jesus was sensitive to people around him to save them.

Heaven is made for God’s saints, but hell is made for Satan & his followers. anyone can escape from path of hell to path of heaven by confessing Jesus Christ as Lord.

A good Christian must be careful to process his or her mind to make wise decisions. The decisions must benefit God & others.

Jesus Christ has strong capability to connect with people’s needs. Luke 4:31-41.

Christians must follow Jesus’ principles by preaching basic gospel.

Jesus was full of compassion while on earth. He miraculously feed people and raised the dead. Christians must have compassion also.

God hates sin but loves sinners. He won’t reject anyone who repents. He will forgive and bless the person.

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Any sick person who trusts God for healing will receive it! Every child of God must perceive his or her deliverance in the spirit and claim it at the same time.

Anyone who calls him or herself a true Christian must support bible view, preach gospel, and be honest in all things.

God will go extra miles to defend his children from trouble. He will do and undo any situation to earn victory for his children.

Believers of Jesus Christ have divine enablement to have groundbreaking testimony. They will bind and loose in any situation.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind.

Christians must understand that God’s blessing may not often come cheaply. We may need to make efforts to activate his blessing.

Gospel is not meant to make people feel good. It is meant to convert souls. People must respond to gospel to enter heaven.

God’s goodness will not cease in the lives of people that consistently serve him. They will be blessed for observing his rules.

Christians are encouraged to steadfastly and patiently wait for second coming of Jesus Christ. Eternal benefits will follow.

Jesus said not all self-acclaimed Christians will go to heaven, only those who strive hard with their Christian race will make it.

Salvation is personal. It can’t be inherited or transferred. Everyone must personally confess Jesus as Lord to be saved.

Children of God must be careful to use their grace rightly. God gives grace, but we are to maintain it for maximum benefits.

Forgiveness has simple definition. It means pardon. Jesus Christ got us forgiveness, Christians must forgive others also.

Jesus will soon return when people least expect; he will rapture his saints to heaven, unbelievers will take no part in it.

No one should limit God in his/her thoughts. God is limitless & unimaginable. Obey him and his plans be fulfilled in your life.

Christians must serve with integrity and ensure not to abuse their positions. God will honor whoever represents him well.

God will save the humble, but reject any arrogant person who refuses to repent and turn a new leaf fit for his kingdom.

Conventional wisdom proves that Jesus who resurrected can resurrect whoever believes in him. Share this if you believe.

Jealousy is evil. Christians must be careful not to allow the plague. Believers must pray and consciously prevent jealousy.

Christians are light surrounded by darkness. Be careful, sensitive, and prayerful to overcome. Of course, victory is sure.

God still talks. He will direct his people that prioritize seeking his face for directions. Those he leads will not be ashamed.

Jesus’ life didn’t begin at manger or end at cross. He lived before creations, and still lives today. Believers will live everlasting life in heaven.

Vengeance belong to God. He is strong and able to defend and fight for his people. Trust God.

Jesus died for the world. Christians must preach gospel for others to be saved. Crowns of righteousness await gospel shearer.

Holy Spirit is the sustaining power of Christianity. Believers must allow him to reign in their lives so that they can prosper.

The more time a person spend in God’s presence the more blessing he or she gets. God enjoy the company of his children.

Anyone who listen to and believes lies will eventually derail from faith. Anyone who fails to establish stable relationship with God cannot stand but will fall from faith. Mark 4:16-17.

Jesus died for the world. Christians must preach gospel for others to be saved. Crown of righteousness awaits gospel shearers.

Anyone who claims to serve God with sinful and unrepentant heart is wasting time. God will only accept pure people.Exodus 39.

Believers must maintain confidence in God. Pay no attention to the enemy. God is able, and He will fight for us.

The world is full of hate and rage with self-centeredness and other evil! Meanwhile, Jesus gives love & life abundantly.

God will celebrate whoever is thoughtful to thank him for his goodness. Whoever takes extra steps to honor God will be blessed.

Prayer is not just a spoken word, but a spiritual exercise. A person who prays in faith will get whatever desires.

God sometimes give special assignments to some people for the sake of glorifying his name. They are God’s servants and must have large heart and serve with deeper commitments.

Christians must cultivate habit of giving pleasant offering to God always. He will reciprocate blessing for us if we do so.

All God’s laws are compressed into a simple word LOVE. Anyone who wants to enter heaven must allow God’s love to richly dwell in him/her.

Worldly people will rather count money and look other way, but Christian should invest their resources towards God’s kingdom. Much rewards will follow.

Christians must be careful not to rely on natural ability to overcome life battles. They must rely on Holy Spirit for help.

Jesus remains the only solution to all human problems, everyone should gravitate to him for their best advantage.

Process of obtaining forgiveness of sin was expensive in Old Testament, but Jesus came to make it cheap. Just mention Jesus.

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